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ASUS Xonar Essence Stu External USB Dac And Headphone Amplifier

Xonar Essence Stu External USB Dac And Headphone Amplifier

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The Essence of Sound

Following considerable positive feedback from customers on the excellent sound quality of Xonar Essence ST/STX sound cards, we developed the Xonar Essence STU USB external digital-to-analog converter and headphone amplifier. Based on the acclaimed design of Xonar Essence ST/STX and going beyond their already high standards, it offers even more premium audio quality plus easy controls and connectivity for discerning music lovers who needs a good DAC and headphone amplifier to drive the full capabilities of their high-end headphones.

High quality precision audio

Xonar Essence STU delivers clean, clear, and low distortion sound with 120dB signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) thanks to exacting hardware design and top-notch component selection.

- Precision clock tuning technology
Xonar Essence STU embeds a precise clock tuning IC that kills jitter prior to signal processing, ensuring the highest fidelity with extensive detail and lively sound imaging.

- Digital-to-analog converter (DAC)
High fidelity Texas Instruments PCM1792A DAC delivers accurate digital-to-analog conversion, sensational audio clarity, and low distortion.

- Audiophile-approved capacitors
WIMA FKP2 and Nichicon Finegold capacitors deliver balanced and rich sound.

- Asynchronous audio transfer
Asynchronous USB transfer mode separates unstable and noisy clocks generated by the computer or its USB interface logic, maintaining sync with master clock circuitry on Xonar Essence STU.

- Balanced (or mirrored) PCB layout
Symmetrical analog output path ensures balanced and truthful representation of all sound sources and minimal crosstalk.

Integrated 600ohm headphone amplifier optimizes sound detail with two gain settings

- Headphone amplifier
Renowned TPA6120A2 headphone amplifier supports up to 600ohm impedance, driving all headphones available in the market. It empowers your favorite set with dynamic and detailed sound.

- Headphone gain switch
Xonar Essence STU offers readily accessible switching between low and high gain settings, accommodating better listening experiences across a wide range of headphones, from in-ear headsets (typically 16ohm-32ohm) to premium full-size headphones ( up to 600ohm). This is especially useful with the increasing popularity of mobile devices, which normally ship with low impedance/high sensitivity headsets.

Convenient tonal tuning

Xonar Essence STU has room for three swappable Op-Amps (operational amplifiers), which you can replace to adjust tonal performance based on personal taste. This open-ended and customizable design is inherited from previous Xonar Essence audio products, and remains true to the series' commitment to accommodating as many audiophile preferences as possible.

Texas Instruments NS-LME49720 and NS-LM4562NA Op-Amps deliver acoustics fine-tuned by audio engineers to support livelier, more detailed, and more spacious sound.

Advanced controls

- By-passing volume jumper switch
The included jumper switch re-routes sound and allows Xonar Essence STU to be used as a pre-amplifier in conjunction with a dedicated power amplifier. You can opt to adjust master volume directly on the power amplifier without having to reach Xonar Essence STU controls.

- Selectable DC servo headphone output
Many music enthusiasts choose to solder a DC servo on their DAC to minimize power-up pop noise on the renowned TPA6120A2 headphone amplifier. The dedicated DC servo on Xonar Essence STU offers a convenient and solder-free alternative.


Totale harmonische vervorming (THD)0.00036 procent
Signaal/ruis-verhouding120 dB
Frequentiebereik10 - 48000 Hz
Type aansluitplug6.3mm
S/PDIF-in poortJa
Aansluiting voor netstroomadapterJa
Aantal USB 2.0-poorten1
AUX ingangJa
Kleur van het productZwart
AC invoer voltage90-264 V
Ingangsspanning12 V
Typisch stroomverbruik12 W
Meegeleverde kabelsAC, USB
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