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Cyber Backup Advanced G Suite - Subscription License - 5 Seats - Multilingual 1 Year

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With two newly released updates, Acronis takes its cyber protection capabilities for businesses to an exciting new level, allowing IT pros and business managers to focus on other priorities and rest even easier knowing their data is safe. The latest updates add integrated G Suite protection to Acronis' existing backup and recovery services for more than 20+ platforms, plus built-in protection against cryptojacking, one of the fastest-growing malware threats.


G Suite Backup and Recovery

For over five million customers worldwide, it’s hard to remember what work was like before Google introduced Gmail, Drive, Calendar, and Contacts. From small businesses to the Fortune 500, companies leverage G Suite apps like these for the flexibility, efficiency, and reliability Google promises it’s G Suite users.

Unfortunately with so many advantages readily available to G Suite customers, it’s easy to take for granted that G Suite data will always be within reach. In fact, while Google has a great reputation for keeping G Suite apps up and available for customers, it does not take responsibility for keeping customer data safe. This means that should something go wrong – like 1) accidental data deletion, 2) malicious actions by rogue employees or 3) an external malware attack – G suite data can be lost, risking business as usual.

Looking at those three top data loss occurences, it’s no wonder Google doesn’t take responsibility for customer data: How is Google to know when someone intentionally or accidentally deleted something, let alone the difference between a rogue employee and a regular (error-prone) one? Malware and ransomware present their own challenges.

Cryptomining Protection

Acronis is known for having the backup industry’s most advanced, AI-based anti-ransomware protection technology – Acronis Active Protection – which is integrated into multiple solutions. What makes it unique is how advanced and comprehensive it is.

Using artifical intelligence-based technology, it actively protects all system data from unauthorized modification and/or encryption (even zero-day attacks) so the backup solution itself, customer data, and backup files are all safe. Better still, files are instantly restored from the cache should ransomware get through the defense. Plus, it completely future-proofs data from threats, using behavioral heuristics and whitelisting techniques.

Now that Acronis Active Protection has been strengthened with protection against cryptojacking, customers can keep criminals from hijacking system resources. For the uninitiated, cryptojacking is a rapidly growing cyber threat which results from cybercriminals using powerful computer resources to solve complex mathematical problems to mine for digital currencies. The first miner to do so gets paid. Cybertheives discovered that if they could steal resources by installing cryptomining malware, they could use someone else’s power to profit. Victims often don’t even realize what is happening but often experience issues like:

  • Degraded system and network performance
  • System crashes
  • Overheating
  • Hardware damage due to abuse
  • Higher electricity bills
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