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Mc3200 Straight Shooter 1d Laser 512/2GB 38key Hc-bat Ce7 (mc32n0-sl3hcle0a)
€1.189,81(excl. BTW)
€1.439,66(incl. BTW)

Mobile Computer Tc55 Touch With Android Jellybean Wwan/WLAN/nfc/no Scanner/1gb/8gb/ext Battery/rugge
€1.091,85(excl. BTW)
€1.321,14(incl. BTW)

Mobile Computer Mc32 Gun 1d Laser 1/4GB 38key Hc-bat Ce7 Sens
Referentie :
Taal :
€1.370,05(excl. BTW)
€1.657,76(incl. BTW)

Touch Mobile Computer Tc8000 WLAN Bt 2d 4in 1gb/4GB Android Kk
Referentie :
Taal :
€2.682,93(excl. BTW)
€3.246,35(incl. BTW)

Workabout Pro 4 Long Mobile Computer Wi-Fi 1d Long Range Laser Scanner Win Ce 6.0 Gun Grip
€2.052,79(excl. BTW)
€2.483,88(incl. BTW)

Workabout Pro 4 Long Alpha Num Wehh 6.5.3 En 802.11 A/b/g/n 4400mah
€1.386,41(excl. BTW)
€1.677,55(incl. BTW)

Wearable Terminal Wt6000 / 1GB 4GB Touch Android Lollipop 5.1 802.11 A/b/g/n Ac 3350mah English
€2.460,78(excl. BTW)
€2.977,54(incl. BTW)

Power Supply Adaptor Power Brick Ac 110-240v Quad Dock No Lead
€115,81(excl. BTW)
€140,13(incl. BTW)

Power Cable Adapter Cpc Connect To 100/240 Vac Power Supply Ps1450
€23,45(excl. BTW)
€28,37(incl. BTW)

Vehicle Mounted Computer Vc80 10in Freezer Apq 8056 Ts 4gb/32gbmmc Basic I/o Row In
€3.149,98(excl. BTW)
€3.811,48(incl. BTW)